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Antico Forno

for over 20 years, pizza to perfection in Venice

We have been producing quality since 2001 combining tradition, innovation and research to always give you the best. The counter is constantly set up with different types of pizza in both flavor and texture, among which our famous Pizzaccia stands out. Our classic pizzas as per tradition will amaze you with their lightness and variety. For over twenty years the Pizza to perfection in Venice.

La Pizzaccia

La Pizzaccia

The light and fragrant, incredibly high dough and the thousand colors of the fillings have always made Pizzaccia our pride. It is not a pizza and it is not a focaccia, it is difficult to express in words the explosion of taste and the pleasant surprise in tasting our Pizzaccia.

The traditional Italians

The traditional Italians

Thin and fragrant: the classic Italian round needs no introduction. It is carefully followed from the first steps of the dough, it is left to rest in the special cells so that it releases all the aromas of slow leavening and is so easy to digest. To be enjoyed in the shop at home or wherever you want, every day is the perfect day for an appointment with taste.

The Traditional Italians


We only use 100% Italian tomato pulp and fior di latte mozzarella

The corner of taste

Antico Forno 🌱

Italian tomato, fior di latte mozzarella, baked peppers, red Tropea onion, fresh Treviso ricotta, Leccino olives, jalapeño, basil drops with extra virgin olive oil.

Palermitana 🌱

Italian tomato, fior di latte mozzarella, baked eggplant, fresh Treviso ricotta, dry tomatoes, basil drops with extra virgin oil

Pugliese 🌱

Italian tomato, Apulian burrata heart,  home made garlic and basil emulsion with extra virgin olive oil, wild oregano

Autunno 🐷

Fior di latte mozzarella, Chioggia radicchio, Treviso sausage, champignon mushrooms, Grana Padano 24 months

Craft beer

Discover our beer handcrafted Antico Forno!

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