Craft beer

All our unfiltered or pasteurized beers use the highest quality malts produced in the Venetian territory.

Bionda Helles

5% ibu 18

Craft beer of pure barley malt with a dry taste and light body, well balanced with a pleasant hoppy aroma. It ripens for 30 days. A classic for all palates that can be easily combined with all our pizzas with buffalo mozzarella or stracciatella or cheeses.

Ambrata Apa

6% ibu 38

English style craft beer made with American hops, strong and intense taste with citrus and spicy hints. It remains in maturation for 60 days. This fragrant beer finds its best when enjoyed with a cheese or vegetarian pizza

Bianca Weizen

5,2% ibu 11

Craft beer produced with a blend of wheat and barley malts, fresh and slightly acidic thirst-quenching taste, fruity aroma. It matures for 45 days The freshness of this beer goes well with pizzas with tuna, anchovies, capers and spices.

Golden Ipa

4,2% ibu 38

Craft beer of English origin revised in a modern key, light and enveloping body, fruity taste and aroma. It uses very high quality malts produced in the Venetian territory. It remains in maturation for 60 days. Characteristic of this exceptional beer is to successfully accompany all pizzas with raw ham, speck sausage or pancetta.

Rossa Bock

5,9% ibu 16

Distinctly malty craft beer with a caramelized taste, fine and creamy foam. It ripens for 45 days. Our champion with a strong flavor and dedicated to true enthusiasts finds the best of her by pairing with tasty and well-garnished pizzas such as capricciosa, vegetarian or with spicy flavors.

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